What is Nemchange?

Nemchange is a website, where you can sell and buy NEM based tokens(called mosaics), and(in the future) other cryptocurrencies.

What is NEM

NEM is blockchain based platform. NEM ecosystem is used in many projects, because of its easy of use features. More about NEM: HERE

What pair of tokens can I trade?

You can trade any available, and tradable mosaics created on NEM platform.

What other cryptocurrencies can i trade?

Right now it's not possible to trade popular cryptocurrencies(Except xem), but in the future some of them will be added(BTC, ETH, LTC for sure)

Why my withdrawal is taking so long?

Because of security reasons, withdrawals are handling manually(i the future semi-automatic). There is no private keys stored on our servers, that's why even with successful hacker attack - your funds will still be safe. That's the beauty of blockchain :)

What about costs of using website?

Simple. If you're making order on exchange - cost is always 0,5%. If you're making a withdraw, cost is 3 xem + levy(if mosaic transfer).

What is Levy?

Some of mosaics(not all) have levy in their mechanic. It means, that every time someone makes onchain transaction(for example withdrawal in Mosaica Exchange, or Deposit into), sender is obliged to pay additional transaction fee to mosaic creator. It depends on mosaic if it's percentage fee, or constant fee. It not concerns offchain transactions(on mosaica exchange placing order).

How can i contact you?

If you have any questions, or found a bug, report it on our Telegram channel: Telegram Link