User experience changes

  • Last transactions by other users in exchange view
  • Message regeneration mechanism

ICO functionality

  • Anyone will be able to add their existing mosaic to the ICO tab by filling out a simple form: mosaic description, website, email address, logo, name.
  • You will not even have to create your own mosaic, we'll take care of it! You will give us only the proposed name, divisibility, supply in a simple form. Your ICO will be ready the next day.

nemchange:shares ICO

  • The time will come for our ICO. You will be able to buy a nemchange:shares token, with extremely deflationary value. At the end of each month, 50% of profits from: transaction fees, vesting, dividends from tokens on the exchange (dimtoken, bankera, etc.) will be converted into xem, then the nemchange:shares tokens will be bought from the exchange for the whole amount and then burned.


  • We will add a few other popular cryptocurrencies, not related to nem: BTC, ETH, LTC, and others. Thanks to that you will be able to buy every possible mosaic for Bitcoins, Ethereum, or make your own ICO, in which you can participate using these tokens.


  • We will create a simple API presenting exchange statistics, volumes, average token prices. This will allow us to add an exchange (and your ICOs / tokens) to aggregators such as
  • Charts for popular token pairs