Terms and Conditions


  • The website owner is not responsible for the content created by users, including the names and descriptions of tokens created on the blockchain nem, sent to the nem website address.

  • The website owner declares that he does not provide any exchange pair cryptocurrency/token - cryptocurrency/token. The owner only provides algorithms to help create such a pairs. These pairs are created automatically and the website owner is not responsible for them.

  • The User declares that by sending cryptocurrency/token into exchange address, not yet existing in the service - he agrees to automatically create exchange pairs for other cryptocurrencies/tokens, even if he himself is the issuer of the token/cryptocurrency.

  • The website owner may at any time block the user's account and funds if the user is suspected of commiting a crime.

Deposits / Withdrawals:

  • The user declares that all his deposits of cryptocurrency/tokens to the given address are temporarily owned by the website, until the cryptocurrencies/tokens are sent to the external address, or exchanged for another token/cryptocurrency.

  • The owner of the website is not responsible for providing incorrect data when withdrawal funds to an external address, and for an incorrect deposit on the exchange account. The website owner can help to recover the user's funds in case of the user making the above-mentioned mistakes, but he does not guarantee any success.

  • For security reasons, transactions that are sent to external addresses of users are performed manually. The user declares that he knows that the external transaction he has ordered can be made with a delay. This delay is due to transactions carried out manually, usually it should not exceed 24 hours.

  • Please note that deposits without message attached with incur a 10% recovery fee in order to be manually recovered by our staff.

Privacy Policy

  • The user consents to the storage and processing of the data he gives when creating a user account on the site, in particular an email address. The website owner declares that he will use the email addresses of users only for purposes of increasing the security of the user's account (2-step authentication), and informing users about important changes on the website. The owner declares that users' email addresses will never be published or given to third parties, with the sole exception. The exception is the situation when the owner can provide the user's address to the state authorities of some country suspecting the user of a crime, including ML (money loundering).

  • The User agrees to store login data, including: IP addresses, browser data and operating system. The owner may provide this user data only to the state authorities of any country suspecting the user of a crime, including ML (money loundering).

Costs of using website.

  • The User declares that he knows the costs of using website. All costs are only for using website functionalities and algorithms, and are charged only in cryptocurrencies/tokens. Amount of each costs are defined in FAQ section of the website.


  • The User declares that he knows the risk of trading in cryptocurrencies, including large fluctuations in prices, and the possibility of exposing his funds stored in the website to hacker attacks.

  • In the event of unforeseen service failure, technical failure or hacking attack, the website owner is not responsible for the loss of user's funds. User's resources are safe on the site, as long as they remain on the website's NEM address, which means that even in the event of a hacking attack on the server itself - the funds are still safe.

  • The owner ensures that all user funds are stored on cold wallets / and / or secure multisignature wallets.

  • The owner reserves the right to change these regulations. In this case, it notifies the user by email to the address provided during registration.

  • The user declares that he has read, knows and accepts these terms and conditions at the time of creating an account on the website.